September 4, 1988 - December 6, 1999

Theo was the love of my life and I know I will never experience the bond I had with him again.  When I first went to look at this guy I had no idea what a Shar-Pei was even about.  All I knew is that they were wrinkled and they were cute!!  Theo taught me so much about this wonderful breed.

We were living in Wichita Falls, TX at the time and drove to Richardson - "just to look"!!  Of course it was love at first sight and he was the center of my universe for the next 11+ years.  

-- Paula Perry


January 12, 1997 - February 25, 2002

Bailey was taken from us much too soon.  She was our baby girl and we miss her desperately.  She had spleen and liver cancer.  She was such a vibrant, active dog.  She was active in obedience, agility and was a certified therapy dog.   

-- Paula Perry


April 21, 1992 - June 18, 1997

Isaac was our second Shar-Pei, but the first one we lost.  He had a genetic disease called Familial Shar-Pei Fever.  He was only five years old -- we still miss him -- he was a sweet and special boy.   

-- Paula Perry


June 3, 1995 - August 12, 2003

My life will never be the same
I can't believe you're gone
I still call out your little name
Just wishing you'll respond

The Strength you showed
Through so much pain
Breaks my heart each day
Just to say our last goodbyes
And send you on your way

I thank you for your special love
My Bonny Jezebel
You're home my friend, no wounds to mend
At peace alive and well

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