Harv's KT Spoonful Of Sugar

June 13 -- Okay - Katie has made amazing strides the past couple of years.  She is listening so well and when she doesn't Qualify it's usually only one or two things.  I can remember when I couldn't count how many things went wrong!  She currently has 11 Double Qs and 800+ Points (you need 20 Double Qs and 750 Points for a MACH - Master Agility Champion)!!  She is 11, so I don't know what the chances of us getting it are, but it would sure be cool for her to be the first Pei to get it!  She doesn't act her age at all, so we'll just have to see!
May 09 -- Katie has been running really well.  I've been very pleased with her.  She got her Novice FAST (NF) title in Wichita Falls last month and last weekend she got a STD leg --- it had pretty much been forever!  She needs one more for her AX title - I hope it won't be long!

Mar 09 -- Katie runs hot and cold!!!  Just when I think she's never going to get there she'll have a great run.  We've come extremely close to getting a few STD legs and I believe she'll get there yet!  She currently has 7 MXJ legs (needs 3 more) but only 2 AX legs!!!  She doesn't have a problem with contacts; it's usually a knocked bar, popped weave, or refusal --- she's just a crazy girl with ADD --- gotta love her!!!

Sep 08 -- What can I say ---- Katie is Katie!!!  We're still trying!

Jul 08 -- Katie has been amazing at the last couple of trials.  She got 2 MXJ legs in Monroe and 1 in San Antonio!!  She still needs 2 AX legs!!!  If she keeps running the way she has lately then we should be seeing a lot of success in the future.  Maybe we have finally "clicked"!!!

Jun 08 -- Katie has been running well but no Qs recently!

Dec 30, 2007 -- Katie had another great weekend and got her first MXJ leg and her first MACH points!!!  That makes her the #2 agility Shar-Pei --- right behind Jack!!!

July 22, 2007 -- Katie had great runs in Houston and on her very last run of the weekend she finally got that last leg for her AGILITY EXCELLENT JUMPER (AXJ)  title.  There were about 10 dogs in EXC A and she was the only one that qualified so she also got 1st Place!

July 4, 2007 -- Katie had some awesome runs in Monroe, but still no Qs.  She did have one very entertaining run where she took a tunnel about five times - it should have only been once!  I can't help but laugh at her.  She is very fast and crazy!! 

Feb 25, 2007 -- We competed in Rally-O this weekend and Katie did a great job.  She got her RALLY NOVICE title (RN) yesterday.  I wasn't brave enough to move her up to advanced today, so we just did Novice again - for the fun of it! 

Jan 6, 2007 -- My Crazy Katie, what can I say ---- she's trying!!!  She has gotten an AXJ leg since October, so needs one more for her AXJ.  She is SO fast - just not as focused as Jack.  I wish I could give him just a little bit of her speed and give her a little bit of his focus!!  The potential is there - I'm not giving up!!

Oct 2, 2006 -- Katie continues to be unpredictable!  She does have one leg towards her AX and one leg towards her AXJ --- we'll get there!  She did get her first two RN (Rally Novice) legs in May.  We haven't done any Rally since, so we need to get that last leg sometime.  She is also now a certified therapy dog and has been doing Hospice visits. 

Mar 18, 2006 -- Katie is really getting better -- she's almost there!!!  As of 11/13/05 in Rockwall, she has her OPEN AGILITY JUMPER title (OAJ)!  AND as of 2/11/06 she has her OPEN AGILITY title (OA)!!!  I think she'd do a lot better if she had a better handler!!!  We have a few trials coming up so we'll see!  She will also be making her Rally Obedience debut in May!!

Oct 26, 2005 -- Katie has had some great runs, but no Qs!!!  She WILL get it together eventually!!  She's SO fast, just not as focused as Jack.

May 7, 2005 -- Lubbock, TX -- Katie got her first Open Jumpers leg today --- she is awesome when she's "on"!!

Mar 12, 2005 --- Poor Katie -- she has lost her mind and may never Q again!!!! 

Jan 31, 2005 --- Katie did not get any legs this weekend!  She had some good runs though and came close!

Nov 14, 2004 --- Katie is crazy!!!  She loves the tunnel and will take it any chance she gets!!  In JWW you aren't allowed any off courses and those extra tunnels have kept us from getting that last elusive leg!  HOWEVER, today she did it!!!  I didn't think we could do it --- there was a tunnel, weave poles and another tunnel!!  She popped out of the weave poles and headed to the second tunnel, but I was able to call her back and she went through the second time.  In Novice they don't take off anything for weave poles, so she had a perfect score and came in first place AND earned that last leg and her NOVICE AGILITY JUMPER title (NAJ) ---- GO KATIE!!!

October 17, 2004 --- Katie FINALLY got that third standard leg and got her NOVICE AGILITY title (NA) on Sunday!!  She still needs one leg for her Jumpers title -- we go to Odessa in two weeks......
She came close all three days for that one JWW leg --- one day she knocked a bar so was DQed and on the other two days she decided to take the tunnel an extra time --- she loves the tunnel -- you can't have any wrong courses in Jumpers.

As of Aug 29, 2004 Katie has two JWW legs and two Standard legs -- she needs one more of each to get her Novice titles -- our next trial is in Lubbock the middle of October, so maybe....

Katie is a big MESS!!!  She is as sweet as sugar but wants the other "dogs" to know she is boss in the house!!  She has Jack convinced and is working on Walter!!  She is full of personality.  She is currently taking agility classes and doing very well!

Katie comes to me from the same breeders that my Bailey girl and Jack did:  Larry and Deena Harvey - 
Harv's Shar-Pei
- thanks again guys - you're the best!