Jun 13 -- Wow!  I cannot believe that I have let this go for so long!  Jack has been totally amazing the last few years.  He achieved more than I ever could have expected him to.  As you can see by all of his titles, he has been accomplishing a lot!  In Sept 2012 he became the very first Shar-Pei Agility Champion when he earned his PACH (Preferred Agility Champion).  I could never have dreamed this would happen when we first started!  He has been an amazing partner and I have been so blessed to share this with him.  I recently retired him --- he is 11 1/2 and getting a little hard of hearing - otherwise he's doing great!


May 09 -- Jack is doing well in Preferred and has already worked his way back into Exc B.


Mar 09 -- I moved Jack to Preferred and it is amazing how much faster he is!  He now has both Novice Preferred titles and is working on the Open titles -- we hope to finish those up in WF next month.  He turned 7 in December is running better than ever!

Dec 08 --- Jack attended the AKC Agility Invitational for the third year in a row and continued to make me proud!  He even made his debut on Animal Planet in a couple of quick shots during the promos!!


Sep 08 -- We did it!!!!  Jack got his MASTER AGILITY EXCELLENT JUMPER (MXJ) title in Albuquerque last weekend!!!  He is only the third Shar-Pei to ever get one.  I was SO excited - what a good boy he is!  He also got an MX leg which now makes 28 (I think).  He now has 95 MACH points!!! I would like for him to get a few more 2Qs - we haven't had one in a while.  He came really close on both days in Albuquerque, but it was so hot in the afternoons that he didn't run well. 


 Jack is also in a local commercial!  You can see it on youtube --- just go to .  It's the video just titled "Jack".


Aug 08 -- Jack ran good in Fort Worth --- even had a few Katie moments!!!  He got a STD leg or two, but what we really need is that last MXJ leg!


July 08 -- Jack ran GREAT in San Antonio.  He got his 9th MXJ leg and came SO close to getting his title --- he ran clean another day, but was less than 2 seconds over time.  The last day he had time to spare, but popped out at the end of the weaves!  I know we can do it!!!


June 08 -- Jack has been runnng really well, but still needs two MXJ legs --- I'm really hoping we will get them this summer!


December -- Jack was the #1 Pei for 2006 and invited to the AKC Agility Invitational in Long Beach, CA the first week in December.  What a blast -- he ran great!  Hopefully I'll have a link to the video soon.  He also finally got another JWW leg -- he needs three more!


July -- San Antonio/Houston -- We did one day in San Antonio and Jack had a great Standard run; he Qed and got 4 MACH points.  Time was too tight in JWW, so he didn't get that one.  In Houston he got another Standard leg (for a total of 20 - too bad there's not an MX2!).  He ran clean all 4 days in JWW but never made time!  Overall he ran good though and I was happy with him.

July 4, 2007 -- We just returned from the Monroe trial.  It was not a good weekend for us - no Qs.  Jack ran slow all weekend and refused the teeter three out of four days.  I don't know what it was -- maybe he just had a headache!!  We all have bad days, so I guess he's allowed a bad weekend every now and then.  We have another trial coming up soon, so we'll just have to see what happens there.

Jun 12, 2007 -- I realize I have been bad about keeping Jack's info up to date.  In March Jack got his 4th 2Q and now has a whopping 72 MACH points!  He still needs 4 legs for his MXJ -- I'm really hoping we can get those this summer.  I also still need to get him certified for therapy.  We've been doing some agility demos around town. 

Feb 25, 2007 -- We competed in Rally-O this weekend and Jack got his RALLY ADVANCED title (RA).  He's such a good boy!!

Feb 11, 2007 -- Yesterday Jack became the #1 Agility Shar-Pei of all time!!!  We competed in McKinney this weekend and he was awesome.  He got a 2Q yesterday (his 3rd) and would have gotten another one today, but I messed him up.  He also got 14 MACH points this weekend - which is great for him.  He now is half way to his MXJ title - still needs five legs!

Jan 6, 2007 -- Jack has been doing GREAT!  He got his second 2Q in Lubbock in October and his MASTER AGILITY EXCELLENT title (MX)!!!  He now has 48 points and is very close to being the #1 Agility Shar-Pei EVER!!  The best a Shar-Pei has ever done is two double Qs and 53 points.  Jack currently has two double Qs and 48 points!  Since my last update he has also gotten two more MXJ legs, so now needs 6 more!  I do believe we're going to do it!!!  He has come close to a couple of 2Qs but has trouble making time on the Jumper courses.

Jack and I also attended the inaugural AKC Agility Invitational in Long Beach, CA at the beginning of December.  He represented his breed well and we had a blast!  Saturday was okay, but Sunday was great!  If you'd like to see his runs go here:  SEE JACK RUN!


Oct 2, 2006 -- Just a quick update -- Jack got his first 2Q (double Q) a couple of weeks ago in Albuquerque!  It was so exciting!!  He now has 8 of the 10 legs needed for his MX and 2 of the 10 for his MXJ.  He has had several "clean runs" in Jumpers, but over time.  He got his first MXJ leg in Houston in July and the second in Albuquerque last month.  I actually have hope that we can do this!  He also now has a whopping 26 MACH points!!!  That sounds pretty pitiful until you realize that the best a Pei has EVER done is 2 double Qs and 53 points. 


Jack got his final RN leg in May so got his RALLY NOVICE title.  He also got his first RA (Rally Advanced) leg.  I had only planned on getting his Novice title, but now we have to go on and get those other two advanced legs!!!


Mar 18, 2006 -- Jack continues to do well.  On 11/13/05 he got his EXCELLENT AGILITY JUMPER title (AXJ).  He also now has 7 MACH points and is officially the #1 agility Shar-Pei in the country!!  He has 4 of the 10 legs needed for his Master Agility (MX) title, but doesn't have any yet for the Master Agility Jumpers (MXJ).  He has had a couple of clean runs, but was over time.  Back when we started this I never would have thought he would get this far!  We have a few trials coming up in the next few months, so hopefully we'll have news to report soon.


Jack also earned his first 2 Rally Obedience legs a couple of weeks ago!!!  I wasn't real confident that we could do it, but he was awesome -- getting first place the first day and third the next!!  We will go to the next Rally trial in May and hopefully get that title!!


Oct 26, 2005 -- Jack has been doing SO great!  He now has his AGILITY EXCELLENT title (AX) (as of 9/24/05) and just needs one more leg for his Agility Excellent Jumpers title.  He also has two legs towards his Master Agility title and even has 6 MACH points!!!

May 7, 2005 -- Lubbock TX -- Jack got his third Open Jumpers leg and now has his OPEN AGILITY JUMPER Title (OAJ) --- now it's on the Excellent!!  He also earned his first Excellent standard leg today!! 

Mar 12, 2005 --  Garden City, KS -- Jack earned his second Open JWW leg --- one more to go!!

Jan 31, 2005 -- Jack earned his last leg for his OPEN AGILITY title (OA) this past weekend in McKinney --
he had a perfect score of 100 and came in 2nd place!!  He still needs 2 Jumper legs in Open!

Nov 14, 2004 -- Jack earned two legs towards his Open Agility title this weekend -- he needs one more!!!

Oct 16, 2004 -- Jack has his NOVICE AGILITY JUMPER Title (NAJ) -- he earned a leg yesterday and today!

As of Aug 29, 2004 Jack has his NOVICE AGILITY title (NA) and one Jumpers leg -- our next trial is Lubbock mid October, so maybe.....

May 2003 - Jack attended his first Shar-Pei Nationals in Houston in April and won one of his classes --- Futurity 15+ months, Horsecoat.  It was very exciting!  We also competed in Obedience, but we weren't quite ready for that!!!  We're hoping to try again at Nationals 2004!

Jack has become a big momma's boy --- he is my "velcro" dog!  He has done so much to heal my heart --- I can't imagine not having him.  He is currently in classes for agility and obedience and we hope to get him certified for therapy work soon.  He is the sweetest dog in the world! 


Jack comes to me from the same breeders that my Bailey girl did:  Larry and Deena Harvey - Harv's Shar-Pei - thanks again guys - you're the best!