Lubbock CODE OF ORDINANCES - Chapter 4 - Animals


Section 4-33. Fees for licenses, permits and impoundment.

(a) The cost of licenses and permits shall be as:

Dog and cat license, annual (unaltered) ... $2.50

Dangerous animal, annual ... $100.00

Guard dog, annual (except city owned animals) ... $50.00

Kennels, commercial, annual ... $50.00

Wild animal permit, annual (per location) ... $50.00

Pet shop or animal dealer, annual ... $50.00

Grooming parlor, annual ... $35.00

Stables, commercial, annual ... $50.00


(b) The cost of reclaiming animals from the City Animal Control facility shall be as:

Animals requiring a license or permit:

First impoundment \ $20.00

Second impoundment \ $35.00

Third and subsequent impoundments within one year* (fee will be reimbursed if the animal is sterilized within thirty (30) days after any impoundment \ $50.00

Boarding fee (daily for all or part of any one day) \ $5.00

Rabies vaccination fee \ $10.00

*The animal control supervisor may request a hearing to determine if an animal is a dangerous animal after the third impoundment of the animal within one year.

Small animals (sheep, goats, etc.)

Capture and impoundment, per head \ $25.00

Boarding, per head per day \ $5.00

Large animals (cattle, horses, etc.)

Capture and impoundment, per head \ $45.00

Boarding fee, per head per day \ $10.00


(Ord. No. 9485, 1, 11-14-91)