Lubbock CODE OF ORDINANCES - Chapter 4 - Animals



Section 4-24. Keeping of wild animals.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any wild animal unless a special permit therefor is first obtained from the animal control supervisor, who shall issue such permit if he finds that:

  1. The animal is at all times kept or maintained insa safe manner and that it is at all times confined securely so that the keeping of such animal will not constitute a danger to human life or property.
  2. Adequate safeguards are made to prevent unauthorized access to such animal by members of the public.
  3. The health or well-being of the animal is not in any way being endangered by the manner of keeping or confinement.
  4. The keeping of the animal does not constitute a nuisance and will not harm the surrounding neighborhood or disturb the peace and quiet of the surrounding neighborhood.
  5. The keeping of such animal will not create or cause offensive odors or constitute a danger to public health.
  6. The quarters in which such animal is kept or confined are so constructed that they may be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
  7. The applicant has paid the applicable permit fee.

(b) Said permit shall be renewable annually upon a finding by the animal control supervisor that the above conditions have been met.  The above provisions shall not apply to the keeping of wild animals if the owner or possessor:

  1. Is a governmental agency or entity;
  2. Holds a circus, carnival or zoo license from the State of Texas;
  3. Is an individual or a member of a nonprofit animal rehabilitation organization holding a permit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; or
  4. Is a research institution or an accredited educational institution;
  5. Is an individual holding a state or federal permit to possess wildlife.

(c) Wild animals in private possession upon the enactment of this chapter may be retained by the owner provided that the owner registers such animal with the public health administrator within thirty (30) days of the final passage of this chapter.

(d) Decisions of the animal control supervisor or the public health administrator pertaining to wild animals may be appealed to the City of Lubbock Permit and License Appeal Board by filing a written notice of appeal within five (5) days with the city manager's office.  During the pendency of such appeal, the decision of the animal control supervisor or the Public Health Administrator shall be suspended, provided that the owner shall surrender the animal to the animal facility or to a veterinarian for observation.  Decisions of the permit and license appeal board shall be final.


(Ord. No. 9485, 1, 11-14-91)