Lubbock CODE OF ORDINANCES - Chapter 4 - Animals


Section 4-21. Standards for animal establishments.

All animal establishments within the city shall be constructed and operate in conformance to the General Design Standards, Specifications, and Operating Procedures for Animal Establishments promulgated by the City of Lubbock Health Board, which rules are adopted hereby and made a part of this chapter by reference.  A copy of such rules shall be placed on file with the city secretary and a copy shall be maintained by the city health department, which copies shall be made available for inspection by members of the public during the normal business hours of the offices in which they are maintained.  In the event of a conflict between such rules and an ordinance of the City of Lubbock or state law, then the ordinance or state law shall prevail over the rules.


(Ord. No. 9485, 1, 11-14-91)