The average day:
It's hard work, but somebody has to do it!

6:00 Owner moves around in sleep, waking cat.

6:30 Owner, still asleep, pulls the blanket over his head, and over the cat laying next to him on the pillow. Bothered by the activity, cat moves deeper under blanket.

6:45 Owner rolls over, flattening cat under his belly. Cat lets out a yell and sinks claws into owner.

6:46 Owner throws cat off bed.

6:47 Cat leaps back on bed, landing on owner’s face.

6:48 Owner wipes blood from face, tries to go back to sleep. Cat moves to quieter side of bed.

7:30 Alarm goes off.

7:35 Owner stumbles to the bathroom. Cat jumps on sink to watch him shave.

7:40 Owner gets in shower. Cat sits on side of tub to watch.

7:42 Owner sings in shower. Cat leaves. Returns to bed to catch a few winks.

7:50 Owner sits on bed to put on shoes - - accidently sits on cat.

7:51 Cat moves to floor and goes to sleep.

7:53 Owner finishes tying shoes, stands up and trips over cat.

7:54 Cat follows owner to living room, falls asleep on couch.

8:15 Owner leaves for work.

9:30 Cat wakes up, goes to the kitchen for some breakfast.

9:45 Returns to living room and goes back to sleep.

12:30 Cat pays another visit to the kitchen to have some lunch.

12:45 Cat chooses kitchen table as a good place to do some grooming.

1:00 Cat moves to window sill to check on the birds at the feeder.

1:10 Falls asleep watching birds.

1:45 Wakes up, returns to couch, falls asleep.

3:15 Stops by the aquarium to see how the hydroponic cat treats are doing. Cover firmly in place - no fishing today!

3:25 Cat walks past scratching post, sharpens claws on couch, removing what’s left of the upholstery. Digs hole in carpet.

3:40 Goes back to kitchen for a snack.

3:50 Returns to living room, climbs drapes for exercise.

4:00 Exhausted, cat goes back to sleep on couch.

6:15 Owner returns.

6:30 Owner opens can of yummy gourmet cat food. Cat wants no part of it.

6:35 Owner opens can of tuna. Cat graciously accepts.

6:45 Owner settles into favorite chair to read the evening paper. Cat sprawls across center spread.

6:46 Owner gently pushes cat off.

6:47 Cat returns.

6:48 Owner pushes cat off...again.

6:49 Cat returns.

6:50 Owner pushes cat off and moves to couch, hoping for a chance to read his paper.

6:51 Cat jumps into owner’s lap.

6:52 Owner pushes cat off.

6:53 Cat jumps back, tearing paper in half.

6:54 Owner throws cat across room. Cat lands on floor and smiles!
6:55 Cat returns to owner’s lap.

6:56 Owner gets up and walks to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Cat clings to his pants leg. Owner tries to shake cat off. Cat perseveres.

7:15 Owner finally separates cat from trousers, sits down to watch baseball game on TV. Cat jumps on owner’s shoulder - - sits staring at sandwich.

7:17 Owner offers cat part of sandwich.

7:18 Cat accepts.

7:45 Cat loses interest in baseball, leaves for bedroom.

10:00 Owner joins him.

10:15 Cats wakes up and moves to usual position on pillow.

10:30 Owner and cat fall asleep, though not necessarily in that order.